Bankruptcy Law

The prospect of filing for bankruptcy can be daunting. There are many misconceptions and false fears associated with filing for bankruptcy, no matter if you’re a business owner filing on behalf of your company, or if you’re filing on behalf of yourself. We want to help you protect everything you’ve worked for, as well as the people you love.

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Divorce & Mediation Law

Divorces are often deeply stressful, emotionally taxing times in your life, especially if there are children involved. We work hard to make the process as easy as possible for you, as we fight on your behalf to get what you deserve.

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Family Law

Family law encompasses many areas, including domestic abuse, adoption issues, child abuse, civil unions and more. These are often tragic situations that can rip families apart that require a sympathetic attorney to fight on your behalf. We are deeply empathetic and will not stop working for you until we achieve justice.

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Employment Law

Running a business often requires an outside perspective to help get things running smoothly again. If you’re deadlocked in an ongoing struggle, it is high time to call us to help you resolve your issues. We are neutral, accessible and friendly, and have a firm understanding as to how business relationships need to work in order to grow and prosper.

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