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Nashville Employment Lawyers: Prevent and Resolve Business Disputes

In any economy — good or bad — lay-offs, sexual harassment and discrimination issues can arise, putting employees and their employers in the difficult situation of having to navigate complicated issues quickly.

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How can a Nashville employment attorney help you with your issue? These types of issues can be particularly stressful for the employee. If you’ve been laid off from your job, you might want a lawyer to advise on the terms of your severance package. In the more difficult situations of wrongful termination, sexual harassment or discrimination, you will need an employment lawyer to advise you on how to move forward with your case.

“Employment law is super complex,” writes Suzanne Lucas, in an article for Business, entitled, “What Happens When Your Hire an Employment Lawyer.” “It changes all the time. Lots of laws are state specific. You need an employment lawyer. I’ve heard from many people whose non-employment lawyer attorney screwed up their employment lawsuit.”

In the case of an employer, hiring an employment lawyer to defend against such cases are necessary to protect the reputation of your business and to act as safeguard for your financial security.

An article entitled, “When Does an Employer Need an Employment Lawyer?” published by NOLO, a resource for those seeking legal counsel, provides a detailed list of when an employer should hire a lawyer:

  • The worker has a written or oral employment contract that limits your right to fire (for more on employment contracts, see Nolo’s article Written Employment Contracts: Pros and Cons).
  • The employee may believe that he or she has an implied employment contract limiting your right to fire.
  • The employee has benefits, stock options, or retirement money that are due to vest shortly.
  • The employee recently filed a complaint of discrimination or harassment.
  • The employee recently filed a complaint or claim with a government agency, or complained to you of illegal or unethical activity in the workplace.
  • Firing the employee would dramatically change your workplace demographics.
  • The employee recently revealed that he or she is in a protected class — for example, the employee is pregnant, has a disability, or practices a particular religion.
  • You are concerned about the worker’s potential for violence, vandalism, or sabotage.
  • The worker has access to your company’s high-level trade secrets or competitive information.
  • You are firing the worker for excessive absences, if you are concerned that the absences may be covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act or the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • The employee denies committing the acts for which you are firing him or her, even after an investigation.
  • The employee has hired a lawyer to represent him or her in dealing with you.*

*“When Does an Employer Need an Employment Lawyer?”, paragraph 7, http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/employer-need-employment-lawyer-29890.html

Why should you hire us to help resolve your employment issue?

As an attorney in Nashville for more than a decade, Paul Moser has helped dozens of employees and employers alike resolve serious issues such as discrimination, harassment and firings. Paul has a firm grasp on the ever-changing employment law and has built a strong reputation for delivering the results his clients expect.

In a five-star review on Avvo, one of Paul’s previous clients speaks to his abilities as a lawyer and his commitment to his clients:

“Mr. Moser is a great attorney. He is very personable, making it easy to ask questions and to understand exactly what needs to be done. He has represented me numerous times and was highly recommended when I was searching for counsel. He goes above and beyond any lawyer that I have ever used and fights hard for everything you need. He is very detailed in his paperwork and has always given me comfort in knowing that I can trust him to handle whatever I present to him. His rates are very reasonable and I would highly recommend him.”

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