• Lisa was an excellent attorney. She came highly recommended to me. She was so strategic in everything she does in each case it was fascinating. She has a great personality but is very aggressive when necessary. I recommend her to anyone needing a lawyer. You will love her!

  • Mr. Moser is a great attorney. He is very personable, making it easy to ask questions and to understand exactly what needs to be done. He has represented me numerous times and was highly recommended when I was searching for counsel. He goes above and beyond any lawyer that I have ever used and fights hard for everything you need. He is very detailed in his paperwork and has always given me comfort in knowing that I can trust him to handle whatever I present to him. His rates are very reasonable and I would highly recommend him.

  • Lisa was an awesome attorney . She took our case and fought for our grandson . She showed extreme knowledge and worked long hours to make sure we had a favorable outcome . So thankful Lisa was recommended to us . She was honest , kind and extremely approachable. I never had to wait long for a response from her . She replied in a timely manner to all my emails and phone calls . She has a real courtroom presence. I would highly recommend her .

  • I have used Paul's services on many occasions and recommended him to others. Paul's professionalism is matched by his willingness to fight for your case. He seems to take it personally. I have worked with other attorneys who are more concerned with placating opposing counsel or asking you to just accept an outcome. In some cases, this may be the only option. However, I want to feel like my representation fought to get me the best possible outcome for MY case - I can say I truly feel that way with Paul. I highly recommend Paul Moser's professional services.


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